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Happy Birthday Ringoooooooooo!!!


Me when I watch the end of a series
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Remembering Brian Jones, co-founder of the Rolling Stones, who passed away on the 3rd July 1969.

R.I.P Brian :’(
Artist: Syd Barrett
Track Name: "Love You"
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Reason number six: I wanna make this post for everyone who says that Pattie Boyd is/was a bitch. Because I’ve already seen it twice and it gets to my nerves. Did you know that: As a child, she was neglected by both of her parents? None of them wanted her or her siblings and didn’t even care about them, letting them do things that kids shouldn’t do on their own, like traveling, separately, each one, alone? Did you know that she and her siblings were physically abused by their stepfather? That he would beat them up for the slightest reasons? And not only that, but he would delay his beating, by telling them to wait in their room for like 3 hours so they would be more scared? That once, he lined them up, Pattie, Colin, Jenny and Paula, and made them all hold hands and told Pattie to put her hand on a part of the car engine so she had a shock that passed to all her siblings through their linked hands? That once he set her hair on fire, claiming that it was good for the hair? That they were always moving so she was always the new girl in school, never having any friends? And the girls would all tell people not to talk to Pattie, saying that she was mad just because she was different? Did you know that her mother also slapped her in the face for absolutely no reason, other than she was angry at her husband and wasn’t brave enough to face him? That her stepfather once, not pleased with the food her mom had cooked, threw the plate at her face? That he abandoned her mom for her best friend and left her with six children and very little money? Did you know that after she left home and started trying to make it as a model, she would be constantly turned down and go to her agent crying because some photographer had insulted her? That she NEVER felt actually pretty and had a very low self esteem? That when she met George, she actually turned him down because she had a boyfriend that she didn’t even love, but didn’t wanna be disrespectful? And also that she lost her virginity to this guy, who was much older than her, and completely against her will, moved only by psychological pressure from him? And that he was really controlling over her, and threatened to throw himself under a bus when she wanted to break up with him? Did you know, that during her marriage to George, at the moment when she was feeling suicidal, unloved and miserable, with her generous heart she still had the strength to clean her younger sister Paula from heroin? Did you know that Eric was extremely manipulative to get Pattie to leave George for him, like also threatening her to harm himself by using to heroin? Did you know that he treated her even worse than George did? You probably know that because everybody comments, but do you know what happened? Did you know that he was extremely rude, opened about his own affairs and once when Pattie interrupted a conversation from him with a girl, he yelled at her by asking her if she couldn’t see that he was deeply in love with that woman and telling her to fuck off? Did you know that he beat her up and forced her to have sex with him even when she didn’t want to? Did you know that she tried several fertilization treatments and suffered a several, damaging miscarriages? And also, did you know that, instead of being supportive and trying to make her feel better (because you know how traumatizing a miscarriage can be, especially to a woman, of course, because it’s happening inside her body), Eric’s solution was to get another women pregnant? Did you know that he got two women pregnant during his marriage to Pattie, the first one he kept a secret and the second was the one that made her leave? Did you know that she became a real alcoholic during her marriage to Eric because she couldn’t handle the way he treated her being sober? Did you know that she had to go to therapy to get over it, and it took her 6 years to be able to accept what happened to her? Did you know that she had to take every kind of shit from the press, being portrayed like a whore (at least during her marriage to George), while they painted him as the good husband waiting for her at home, and she still kept her story in secret for 40 years because she wanted to preserve George’s memory? Did you know that she refused for YEARS many offers to write one, and only wrote it because she was angry that Eric had broken the promise they made not to talk about their marriage, and because she NEEDED money? 
Now knowing that, I want you to look at the picture I posted above, and think that the woman who has been through all this shit I just wrote, is the same woman who’s wearing this huge, beautiful and spontaneous smile on this picture. I want you to know that she GOT OVER IT, and eventually she came back to modeling for women in an advanced age, travels the world in her own photography exhibitions, doesn’t rely on anyone and has now a positive outlook in life, no matter how many things she went through.
Maybe this post won’t make you like Pattie Boyd. I won’t expect it to. But if it doesn’t make you RESPECT her, I feel really sorry for you.
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I don’t even know how they all got into the same room together…

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icanttellyoubutiknowitsmine: Your Beatles song is Love You To. "Each say just goes so fast, I turn around it's passed. They don't get time to hang a sign on me."

Thanks :D